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Cycling Trainer is a cutting-edge system for planning training that combines experience in sport with digital innovation. It is based on the experience of a forerunner in the 1980s in introducing and developing training methods for cycling: the same methods used by the MAPEI professional cycling team. This training programme is now available to all cycling enthusiasts.
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kuota - ciclismo strada
How can I change my present training programme? Clicking on ‘modify’, you are given another training programme and you are asked if you want to buy it. Thank ...
norberto borri - ciclismo
Is it true that using 39/17 or 34/15 you can develop the same number of pedal strokes making the same effort? Pedalling with 39 seems to me harder. Can you give ...
lavazza - ciclismo
Working shifts, I usually have lunch at 11.15 and I train at 15. Is it right to have a lunch based on proteins with meat or fish? Thank you.
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