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Each module indicates the specific training methods to be carried out in each single session, and they are separated by the horizontal lines.
The different modules (3 in the example alongside for 22nd April) must be correctly distributed throughout the duration of the training session, in order to leave - where possible - at least 30 minutes at the start for warming up, and 15 minutes at the end for winding down, both of which must be carried out at low intensity.
The 2-hour session which is used as an example, therefore, could be carried out as follows:
  • 30 minutes at the start of the session at low intensity to warm up
  • 15 minutes at moderate intensity (first specific work module)
  • 10 minutes at low intensity to recover (before going on to the second specific work module)
  • execution of the 5 progressive steps Anaerobic th. on flat road of 3.5 min each, with 3.5 min recovery (second specific work module)
  • 10 minutes at low intensity to recover (before going on to the third specific work module)
  • 45 min climbing at controlled intensity, with 6 min at Anaerobic th. (third specific work module)
  • complete the training at low intensity (for the remaining 20 minute approximately)
Bar to indicate duration of training.
Bar to indicate intensity of training.
Indication of the total duration of training (in hours and minutes) when rest days or races are not scheduled.
Specific training methods: they are indicated according to the succession in which it is best to carry them out during the session; when a training session with a certain duration is scheduled (indicated in the yellow area), and in the space below there is no specific training method indicated, it means that the session must be carried out on a flat route at low intensity (which corresponds to the intensity level below moderate intensity).
If parts of the training are to be carried out on climbs, it will be specified in the scheduled list of training methods. The remaining part of the session is to be carried out on a flat or slightly undulating route.