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Mapei Sport Service
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I decided to create Mapei Sport Cycling Trainer when my commitments first to training and then managing the MAPEI professional cycling team did not allow me enough time to keep on personally assisting all the keen cyclists interested in training based on my customised training schedules.

So, with the help of all the staff at MAPEI Sport Service, we developed this software project - which we were then able to put on-line in partnership with Lexicon - devised to provide a system for planning training based on my own personal methodology: the one I developed just before I took charge of Francesco Moserís training for the world hour record (Mexico City, 1984) and then gradually perfected over later years, particularly from 1996-2002, as head trainer of Mapei Groupís team of professional cyclists.
Aldo Sassi
Although, of course, anything can be improved, the final outcome was better than even my most optimistic initial expectations, thanks partly to continuous progress in knowledge and technology applied to training, something which we have really felt part of over recent years; but also due to the enthusiasm of all those people - technicians, doctors and, above all athletes, - who have worked on, and are still working on, this constantly evolving project.

I hope that everybody can recognise in the MCT training programs the distinctive traits that have always guided me in my own personal method of planning training: simplicity dictated by scientific rationality that takes precedence over any kind of creativity lacking in concrete physiological foundations.

This is the philosophy with which I have worked, and still work, with lots of the athletes who have helped create the history of cycling over the last 20 years, as well as young people or anybody who cycles just for pleasure or to improve their health. This is the same philosophy that lies at the very foundations of MCT.

Aldo Sassi - Trainer Ė Head of Sport Service MAPEI

MAPEI Sport Mapei Sport was set up in 1996 to assist athletes riding for the MAPEI professional racing team and other satellite teams. It then branched out to offer its experience and services to a wider range of athletes, providing training programmes and tests for sport and health purposes. All the Centreís operations work along three key lines: Sports Training Assistance, Applied Research, Sporting Culture
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